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Formal Living Room Inspo Board


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    Modern Traditional Design

    A friend of mine recently asked me to come help her with her living room design. This project was so much fun because I had to step outside of my mid-century modern loving comfort zone and design in a completely different style. While I won’t claim to be an expert in interior design, I do appreciate flexing my creativity from time to time. This was the final result that we ended up with. My friend loves navy with silver accents and wanted organic features throughout the home. My favorite part of this design was the large concrete planter and olive tree because this is something I would never have thought to include in my own home but it looks stunning in hers. If I were to change anything in this design, I would add some more decorative accents, some warm throw pillows, and maybe a tray on the coffee table or some decorative books. Overall, it was a fun project. My friend loved the design and I was able to try something new.