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    1/2 Bath

    When we moved into our new house, our 1/2 guest bath was a completely blank canvas with all greyish walls. Bathrooms are always one of the spaces I prioritize in terms of decorating. I want guests to feel welcome in my home and I feel like one of the best ways to do that is to really invest in the bathroom spaces.

    I have never shied away from color but I definitely wanted the color scheme in the bathroom to be calming and not too bold and off-putting.

    This is the inspiration board that I created for the 1/2 bath. I am currently about 75% of the way through updating the space. Projects tend to drag on around here for quite a while due to competing demands (ahem… my children), but once the 1/2 bath is complete I will post an update with all of the actual items that made it to the final design and the links for those items. However, I wanted to go ahead and provide sourcing information for the items in the mood board for any interested readers. 🙂

    Sourced Items

    Circle Mirror


    Magnolia Home Wallpaper

    Brown and Green Flower Print (I couldn’t find the link for the exact item but here is a similar one that I love!)

    Green Fern Pictures