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    Mid-century Meets Boho Dining Room

    Do you ever get the feeling that something is just missing or off a bit? I can’t tell you how long I played with this design. My first renderings included a gold circle mirror hanging on the wall behind the table instead of the mountain pictures as shown now. The design was beautiful with the mirror but it just didn’t feel “me” enough if that makes sense. My living, dining, kitchen area is open concept and so I kept running into the issue of how to make it all blend seamlessly together. My dining area felt too classic mid-century, but I found myself blending boho and midcentury a lot in the living area. It didn’t even dawn on me to swap out the circle mirror for the mountain picture until about 10 different renderings later.  The second I did, I knew it was right. It was an overwhelming feeling of YES!!! This. Is. It! So, all at once, the design I had been tinkering with for weeks was complete.

    Art is funny like that. Since art is an expression of the artist, even the most beautiful painting, in the opinion of others, has a way of just feeling incomplete to the artist until finally, the right tweaks and changes are made. Completion is a feeling, not a linear endpoint. I, for one, fell into the trap of trying to copy the styles of other beautiful designs I saw on Instagram and Pinterest for quite a lot of years. It wasn’t until I finally let go of the idea that my home had to look exactly like some design I saw on Pinterest and started designing for what felt best to me, that I experienced a creative freedom I never knew existed before. Be unique. Be wonderfully you. Design your home for you, not to please others. It is so rewarding that way. 

    Sourced Items


    Dining Chairs

    Mountain Wall Art

    Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig

    Sputnik Light

    Ikea Curtains

    Dining table was custom made by my friend who owns MadebyMilne.